Conservation of Brennan and Geraghty's Store and Residences: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

Painting work at the property has commenced and planning for the building work is underway.

The heritage consultant, builder and painter have all been contracted.

Progress report two (February 2010)

Building works are nearing completion, with only minor finishing touches to be carried out. Plumbing works are underway, and the cottage work is now completed.

Work on the archaeological display panels has commenced. Text and imaging for this part of the project will be finalised in March, and installation is due to be carried out in mid April.

The design for the fire system is now complete and the installation will be done by mid May.

Final result

Apart from minor works, the project was complete by June. The conservation works to the Store, cottage and residence have arrested deterioration and improved the usage of the buildings. The structural repairs, gutter repairs and painting have rendered the cottage more suitable as a storage facility for artifacts. The air conditioning to the small cottage and the installation of display areas for the archaeological collection will improve the care and presentation of the property's collection.

Traditional skills and techniques were used in the oiling of the stable building, repairing the hand made gutters and reproducing the timber fence pickets. Other conservation methods included:

  • matching paint colours to the original schemes
  • using machinery from an old plumbing factory to enable the profile of the existing gutters to be matched
  • re-lining shelving with an acid free/alkaline buffered paper to provide a protection barrier between the objects of the collection and the shelving.

These works have substantially improved the condition, presentation and protection of the property and its valuable collection. Two awards were won at the recent Maryborough Heritage Awards, which has helped to promote the place and the techniques used in its conservation.