Burra Conservation Project: progress reports

Progress report one (August 2009)

The sites involved in this project are Redruth Gaol, Bon Accord Mine, the Courthouse, the Police Lock-up and the Market Square museum.

The work details for repairs and conservation on each site have been determined with the heritage architect. Tenders have gone out and local tradespeople have been selected.

Salt damp remediation works have begun, and are forty percent complete.

Progress report two (December 2009)

Works completed by mid-November include the roof flashing, gutter refit, installation of water tanks and the electrical upgrade. Fences have been removed and replaced. Pipework has also been repaired and replaced. The external paving, and painting to both interior and exterior surfaces is due to be completed by the end of March 2010.

Progress report three (June 2010)

Due to the availability of tradespeople, the works on the sites in Burra have been delayed. They are now due to be completed early August.

At this stage of the project, over seventy percent of works are complete. Finished and in-progress works include:

  • roofing and drainage
  • electrical work
  • fencing
  • internal and external painting
  • joinery repairs
  • salt damp remediation
  • stonewall repairs
  • bird proofing.

The project's heritage adviser has indicated that the works are compliant with heritage best practice.

Final result (May 2011)

The essential maintenance works undertaken to the five buildings have now been completed. All buildings are now rejuvenated, security has been improved and termite and bird damage minimised. The buildings comprise an integral part of the Burra Passport and provide a significant contribution to the Burra Interpretation program.