Cascade Female Factory Heritage Works: progress reports

Progress report one (August 2009)

All planning approvals from the Commonwealth, State and local government have been obtained. Building approval will be obtained by the end of August. Tenders have gone out and works are expected to start in October.

Progress report two (March 2010)

The contract for works on the steel viewing platform has been let, and the steel has been fabricated and installed. The contract for the timberwork for the structure was let and works are progressing.

Pricing and preparations are being undertaken for works on the gabion perimeter walling and the gates and screen to Yard 4.

Progress report three (July 2010)

Due to severe weather conditions including flooding, the project was delayed and will now be complete in September.

All foundation preparation works for the perimeter walling and works on the viewing platform are complete.

Once the perimeter walls are finished, the gates and screen to Yard 4 will be installed.

Surface preparation treatment for Yards 1 and 4 have not commenced, however planning and interpretation design is progressing well.

Final result (March 2011)

Completed works included the construction of external walling, reinstatement of gates in original locations, and the removal of inappropriate material such as modern fencing and plantings. Archaeological surveying and sampling were carried out prior to restoration works which included construction of the new perimeter wall following the original line of the demolished sandstone walls, and remnant foundation walls being stabilised and in-filled with sandstone. All work secured and conserved the historic fabric and has allowed the entire Female Factory to be incorporated into one entity and the interpretation of the site and female convicts to be presented to visitors in an easy to follow story.

Surface treatment to yards 1 and 4 was not undertaken because the work to the perimeter walling of the yards was more problematic than first anticipated.

Cascade Female Factory is one of eleven convict sites recently placed on the World Heritage list for their outstanding universal value.