Cootamundra Early Lebanese Graves Conservation Project: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

Planning for the project has been undertaken, and a heritage consultant has been engaged.

Quotes have been obtained for the stonemasons, with a view to completion by April 2010. Activity on landscaping tenders will commence in mid January with the work expected to be complete by the end of May.

Progress report two (March 2010)

The stonemasons have begun their restoration works, and the landscaping of the cemetery is under way with completion expected by April.

The interpretive signs, signage and brochure continue to be developed through consultation with families, local council and local historians. It is anticipated that a draft brochure will be in circulation by May.

Final result

All project works will be complete by the end of June. The works have been carried out in accordance with the advice received from the project's heritage consultant, including:

  • ensuring the graves are not separated from the main body of the cemetery and so remain as they have always appeared
  • implementation of drainage plans to manage runoff
  • upgrading an interpretive sign and expanding the content to include translation of Arabic inscriptions
  • appropriate cleaning of a sandstone cross
  • using original materials in a grave that had to be remade

The heritage consultant gave specific directions to the masons, who modified their methods to ensure compliance. Obvious works were kept to a minimum.

The brochure provides more detailed information about those interred and their lives, and will be available in tourism outlets.