Cummins Theatre conservation and upgrade: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

The works on the rising damp, rear door and joinery have commenced, as has the upgrade to the bar area. The tenders for the stage curtain and fly tower have just been accepted and are works due to commence.

Progress report three (February 2010)

Works on the rising damp, rear door and joinery have been completed. The upgrade to the bar area is also mostly complete, awaiting only finalisation of works on the floor coverings and finishings.

The steps of the orchestra pit are to be removed and reinstated, and the mezzanine level is to be upgraded in mid-May. Due to lack of storage, it has not been feasible to commence work on the auditorium until all backstage and storage elements of the project have been completed. Therefore there has been a minor amendment to order of works.

Progress report two (June 2010)

The conservation works and upgrade progressed as planned until two unforeseen factors arose that have created a small delay to completion of the project. These issues are the location of storm water drainage systems for the building and the availability of technicians for the electrical upgrade. Due to these delays the project works will now completed by the end of August 2010.

Final result (November 2010)

The project is completed, with the result that the significant heritage fabric of the Theatre has been reintroduced, retained, restored, renovated and refurbished where appropriate, while increasing the functionality of the facilities. The building is now beautifully restored, facilities have been modernised and the introduction of air-conditioning and heating throughout the venue will now allow the Theatre be used throughout the year as a performing arts venue and community facility. The Cummins Theatre Conservation project was nominated for a 2010 WA Heritage Award for Outstanding Contribution to a Non-Residential place on the List of Heritage Places and the Shire recognised for its outstanding contribution to heritage with regards to the project.