Everglades Garden Stage 2: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

The Development Application and Heritage Section 60 have been submitted, with approvals due in December. Tenders have gone out and the architect and landscape architect have been engaged. Work is due to begin in mid-January 2010.

Progress report two (May 2010)

Due to administrative processes, this project has been delayed and will now be complete by December. A small rescoping of the project has also been undertaken.

Construction has not yet commenced, however all works have been tendered.

Final result (June 2011)

The project is complete with the new Visitors Centre, the refurbishment of the Squash Court Gallery and the installation of interpretive signage significantly adding to visitor comfort and education. Public access has also been improved through the renewal of paths and drives and installation of lighting throughout the gardens. The Upper and Lower Drives have been resurfaced using gravel consistent with the original gravel colour. The project work will allow the National Trust to implement a number of uses and activities within the buildings and grounds to improve the visitor experience and to generate funding for the ongoing conservation and maintenance of Everglades significant heritage value.