Everglades House and Gardens: progress reports

Progress report one (August 2009)

The external and internal scope of works has been carried out and applications have been lodged for approvals and permits.

A tender will begin in September for painters and metal workers, with works beginning by the middle of November.

Final result

All works on this project are complete. Activities include:

  • internal painting works to re-established the 1930s glazed painting schemes uncovered through paint scrapes
  • installation of new carpet to match the 1930s décor documented in periodicals of the era
  • installation of new railings and modifications of existing railings along selected stairs, ramps and drop-offs around the terraced garden and bush property.

The finishes and materials selected for the painting and carpeting is in accordance with historical research into the décor of the house in the 1930s. This augments the interpretation of the house as a 1930s residence.

The works have also improved the presentation and condition of the house. This will encourage small local groups and businesses to use the house for community and business meetings, functions and conferences.

Improved site safety, particularly in the bushland area of the property, will allow bushwalks and site tours to be undertaken in these previously less accessible parts of the property.