Gondwana Indigenous Re-Afforestation Project: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

Planning and preparation for revegetation and the work program have been undertaken. Staff and supervisors will be employed in early December.

Onsite equipment has been leased and will be on site by December.

Work has begun on seedlings to be mass produced. The work program will begin to be implemented in January 2010.

Progress report two (February 2010)

This project has been delayed due to poor weather conditions and fires which have prevented safe access to the site. Works are now due to be complete by December.

Despite these setbacks, team leaders have been hired and a community information day has been held for participants. On-site infrastructure is in place.

Nurseries have been notified of tube stock required and first purchasing is complete. Commencement of on-ground work is scheduled for late February.

Progress report three (June 2010)

Restoration works are continuing to the approved restoration plan. Techniques include:

  • manual and chemical control of weeds in and around the forest edges
  • weed and grass removal and revegetation in the previous rainforest area
  • selective planned burning, planting of tube stock, direct seeding and brush matting in the sclerophyll area.

Final result (June 2011)

The project was successful in implementing best practice bush regeneration techniques through site preparation, species selection, plant layout and planting techniques and primary and follow up bush restoration and maintenance. Over 10,000 tube stock seedlings were planted and frost bagged and their better-than-expected survival assisted by constant heavy rainfall. Monitoring of revegetation success including replacement plantings, weed removal and bush cutting around planting plots is ongoing.