Grand Canyon Walking Track Conservation Project: progress reports

Progress report one (August 2009)

Environmental and heritage approvals have been applied for and granted. Tenders for contractors have been completed. Materials have been placed onsite by helicopter.

Progress report two (December 2009)

Works on the track have begun and stage 1 of the project has been completed. Materials for stage 2 of the project have been delivered to the site. It is expected that stage 2 will be complete by late April 2010.

Final result

All planned works are complete. This project has contributed to the on-going use of the track through the restoration of priority sections which were badly eroded and presenting barriers to walkers.

Actions recommended in the conservation management plan have been implemented. Significant flights of stone staircases have been restored, repaired and reconstructed. Creek crossings have been improved using stone stepping stones. Drainage on earth sections has been improved to stop erosion.

These works have helped to conserve the heritage values of the place and people will be able to continue to use the track for many years into the future. Without the work, it was likely that the track would have deteriorated to a point where safety issues necessitated closure.

Completion of this project will allow easier access, enhancing the use of the place by the community. More people will use the track and a wider cross-section of the community will have access to the canyon. Provision of a larger number of guided educational walks through the National Parks and Wildlife Service Discovery Program will be possible.