Conservation Works for Hartley Street School: progress reports

Progress report one (August 2009)

An architect has been engaged, and the scope and plans are being developed. Quotes from subcontractors are being obtained. Once contractors have been engaged, work dates will be established.

Progress report two (May 2010)

The repairs of roofing timbers in the octagonal room are complete. Contracts have been let for the refurbishment of the back verandah and painting. The front verandah works are underway and painting will commence when building works are complete.

Due to the severe weather in Alice Springs and the lack of availability of tradesmen, quotes are still being obtained for the refurbishment of the back verandah.

Due to difficulties in sourcing labour, the works will now be complete in September.

Final result (June 2011)

The Octagonal Room has been re-roofed, the back verandah refurbished and the building painted. The rewiring of the building was not completed. However, a new fence was built on the north side of the building. The former school is now highly attractive, well maintained and more secure.