Inverloch Rocket Shed: outcomes

Benefits of project

The Inverloch Historical Society derives its membership from the local community. With expertise in all areas of restoring buildings, the members of the Society will be able to pass these skills on to others in the community through this project.

This project will provide the community, including local school children, with vital information on Inverloch's history. There is an increased demand in the area for research into local history and the Inverloch Historical Society believes that the restoration of the Rocket Shed will help meet this interest.

After being restored, the Shed will feature displays of historical artifacts, photographs and information on the maritime history of Inverloch and the district, which will be enjoyed by tourists and the local community. The Inverloch Historical Society will also host special open days for schools, the community and tourists to attend so that they may further their knowledge of the past maritime history of the area.

By attracting tourism, the project will create additional financial benefits for the community.