Inverloch Rocket Shed: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

Work to date has involved meetings to refine the project, including consultation with a heritage advisor, and preparing documentation based on the advice received. Quotes for work are being obtained.

All repairs and restoration work will be carried out on the Rocket Shed while it remains in a secure storage area. The Rocket Shed will then be moved to its final location.

Progress report two (February 2010)

Construction drawings are complete. Approvals have been applied for to position the Rocket Shed in its new site.

Final result

With the exception of installing the finials, all works on the restoration of the Rocket Shed are complete. The outside of the shed has been painted, and the new roof and spouting have been installed. The doors, hinges and architraves have been made and fitted. The finials and down pipes will be installed after the Shed has been relocated in a separate project.

Materials for the restoration work were sourced from various parts of the state. Replacement materials were obtained from structures and buildings that were contemporary with the Rocket Shed. Where new material was required, it was made to match existing fittings.

The heritage adviser has confirmed that the project was carried out in strict accordance with the Burra Charter, and has achieved outstanding results.

The Rocket Shed was not previously accessible by the public. In the near future, it will be able to exhibit interpretive displays that demonstrate how the Rocket Shed was used to save lives in marine emergencies.