Maryborough Outdoor Pool Complex - Leak Eradication Project: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

The project will commence at the end of the swimming season in March 2010. Contractors have been booked to commence at this time.

Progress report two (April 2010)

The leak eradication works have begun. Trenches from the pools to the plant room have been excavated. The installation and connection of new pipe work is now being undertaken.

Final result

The project involved mainly underground works, specifically replacing 65 year old pipework between the plant room and the pool shell. The only visible work was trenching, which passes through grass areas and some original concrete paths and gutters. In these cases, original structures were replaced replicas.

Without this leak eradication project, the Maryborough Outdoor Pool may have been required to close due to severe water restrictions. The finished project has ensured that the pool can remain open, and the community retains an integral asset. The heritage value of the site has also been preserved.