Molong Museum Building: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

Planning for the project has been undertaken, and quotes have been sought from local contractors. Activity will commence in the new year.

Progress report two (March 2010)

Severe termite damage was discovered in the roof and timbers of the building. Termite eradication is now in progress.

The electrical rewiring and repairs to the chimney, roof and guttering will begin in mid April 2010.

Work to the kitchen will commence after the termite damage has been rectified. The front veranda works are about to commence, and despite some setbacks, this project is scheduled to finish by June 2010.

Progress report three (June 2010)

The termite treatment has been completed, as has the construction of the stone wall along the Riddell Street verandah frontage. Partial electrical re-wiring has been undertaken, as have works to the kitchen ceiling. Part of the damaged roof structure has been strengthened.

Due to the extent of works and limited availability of tradespeople, the project is now scheduled to finish by end of August 2010.

Final result (June 2011)

The works to stabilise the foundations, repair damaged walls and ceilings and paint have restored and stabilised the building sufficiently to allow it to reopen as a museum. The enhanced museum exhibitions will highlight the significant child migration story of Fairbridge Farm at Molong. The renovations have increased the available research areas and meeting spaces which are being utilised by historians and the community.