Purnululu National Park Creating Jobs and Supporting Tourism by Improving Roads: progress reports

Progress report one (October 2009)

Subcontractors have been engaged and work has begun. Progress has been made on the installation of two floodways and associated roadworks. The creek crossings have been boxed out and culverts have been installed.

Progress report two (February 2010)

Extensive grading and water binding has been completed on the approaches to the two floodways.

The concrete contractors have begun to form and pour the concrete for the crossings.

Final result

The work completed in this project has significantly improved the standard of the internal road network in Purnululu National Park. In particular, access to the iconic beehive karst formations at the end of the gorge road has been improved.

While indirectly linked to the mainstream conservation outcomes, the work undertaken will provide stability to the Park's road network and therefore reduce the need on an annual basis for heavy machinery to enter the park and conduct significant road improvement works.

Overall, the works will be a source of erosion mitigation in the Park for many years to come.