Quetta Memorial Church Conservation: progress reports

Progress report one (January 2010)

Planning for the project has begun, with the appointment of a heritage consultant and landscape architect. A company has been engaged to complete a structural assessment and a termite inspection company has also made an assessment.

Work packages for roof and ceiling work have been distributed for tender. Subject to selection and approval from the Queensland Department of Environment and Resource Management, works shall begin shortly.

Quotes have also been sought for various high priority stained glass window repairs and restoration work.

Progress report two (May 2010)

This project has suffered several setbacks due to the remote location and the wet weather. A builder has been contracted and construction has begun on the fabric of the building.

Quotes have also been received for works including:

  • exterior painting
  • general repairs to the exterior
  • upgrade to the electrical system
  • plumbing and drainage.

These works are planned to commence in June 2010 and will be complete by October 2010.


The Quetta Memorial Church was built on Thursday Island following the sinking of the Quetta in 1890 and contains a number of memorial plaques and stained glass windows in memory of the lives lost and commemorating the event.

This project was to repair and restore those heritage elements of the church which had deteriorated mainly due to the tropical climate and thus maintain the church's availability as a sacred place and one of historical and community significance for the people of Torres Strait.

These works were carried out on the roof, stained glass windows, plaques and wooden elements of the heritage fabric. In addition, safety and security improvements were made to the building and surrounds to bring the electrical wiring up to modern standards and to ensure that the church's heritage and community values are ongoing. Conservation works are continuing under a new National Heritage Sites grant.