Rabbi's residence renewal: progress reports

Progress report one

Floors have been levelled, re-stumped, sprung and packed. New linoleum flooring has been laid.

Repairs have been made to the walls due to white ant damage, and cracks have been repaired. Painting has begun, and windows have been adjusted so that they now open.

Progress report two

All structural work and painting has been completed.

Final result

The project has provided a more stable and sound building structure for both volunteers and visitors. The project also generated donations such as floor covering, carpet pieces, and shelving for records.

In April, the Society hosted a morning tea for 170 delegates of the Australian ICOMOS annual conference. They were able to use the supper room which was unsafe prior to renovations.

Visitors have included a number of students from Judaica studies, and in November will see the return of over 100 Jewish people to celebrate 100th year of the complex.