Rex Theatre Restoration: outcomes

Benefits of project

The cinema is the only one between Bendigo and Mildura and services some of the most isolated towns in Victoria. Operated on a regular basis by volunteers, the cinema offers valuable training opportunities for locals, and is a stepping stone to gaining employment, particularly for youths. While the cinema is run as a not-for-profit venture, the regular screening of films attracts patrons which benefits businesses in Charlton. The cinema is also frequently used as a community venue for fund-raising and social events.

The project is being managed be local volunteers, and is being undertaken by local tradesman.

The theatre may now also potentially be used for training and experience in the entertainment field.

Restoration of the building will enable its continued use as a cinema, therefore ensuring its survival and enhancing its historic value. The building will be better able to withstand extreme weather, which prior to this work would have threatened the long-term viaibility of the venue.

The fresh external appearance is eye-catching and evokes community pride.