Singleton Showground Pavilion: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

Approvals and permits have been applied for and granted. The project manager, council planner and heritage advisor have discussed structural details, and carried out inspection and assessment. Planning for the project has been undertaken, and a builder has been selected to undertake works.

Progress report two (February 2010)

Removal of old cladding and roofing has begun, with damaged and decayed roof timbers replaced or strengthened. The roof trusses that were weakened have been braced. The work to the roof has now been completed ahead of schedule.

New cladding with viewing windows and restored shutters is in progress. Work has commenced on fabricating new fascia and barge boards.

Final result

The project is now complete, and has enabled the restoration of this unique structure, which is part of the agricultural history of the area. Part of its future use is to house and display historic agricultural machinery and equipment.

The techniques used to restore the Pavilion were compliant with the Burra Charter, allowing retention of as many of the original elements as possible. The works undertaken include:

  • structural repairs
  • replacement of the roof
  • replacement of the wall cladding
  • replacement of some interior structure.