Wilcannia Council Chambers conservation and adaptation: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

The heritage advisor has undertaken a detailed inspection of the building and has prepared a schedule of works.

The stone mason commenced onsite works in November. The building contractors will start their verandah repair work shortly. Contractors have also been engaged to upgrade the air conditioner.

Progress report two (March 2010)

The stonemason has completed his repair work. The chimneys have also been rendered, with only some minor elements to be finalised. The repairs to the verandah are almost complete, with many of the timber elements being replaced due to timber rot.

The internal painting has commenced, with the new paint scheme prepared by Council's heritage advisor.

Final result

The project is complete. It has contributed to the heritage values of the Council Chambers and has improved the streetscape, as the works involved repairs and renovation of the verandah on Reid and Byrnes Street.

Works undertaken include:

  • airconditioning relocation
  • stone repair work and rendering of chimneys
  • keystone repairs
  • verandah repair works
  • internal repairs to skirting boards, staircase and windows  
  • minor electrical works
  • roofing repairs
  • internal and external painting
  • installation of window screens
  • installation of carpet and blinds.

The advice of the heritage adviser was followed closely in conducting the works. Existing structure and elements of the building were retained where possible. Some elements required replacing, and this was conducting using materials that matched the original as closely as possible. The colours chosen to paint the exterior and interior components were based on heritage colours selected by the heritage adviser. All stonework elements were repaired by experienced stone masons with lime-based mortar.

The community have inspected and commented on the works on a regular basis. The building has been photographed on many occasions by tourists passing through the area, and many 'grey nomads' have stopped and spoken to the tradespeople on-site regarding the works. Positive feedback has been received about seeing one of the original sandstone buildings in Wilcannia being restored and preserved.