Wilcannia Post Office conservation and adaptation: progress reports

Progress report one (August 2009)

Work has commenced on conservation and repairs to the stonework under the front verandah. The heritage advisor has revised and updated the schedule of works. Tenders have gone out and contractors have been engaged and have visited the site to gain an understanding of the works required.

Progress report two (November 2009)

Internal cleaning work and removal of debris has been undertaken. Community Development Employment Project employees continue to be involved in the project.

The stonework conservation is almost complete, and will be finalised in December. Quotes have been received for the security and air conditioning installations.

Tenders are being sought from interested parties to undertake the internal works such as general carpentry, painting, plumbing, electrical works and fencing.

Final result

All project works are complete, and included:

  • repair and reinstatement of front exterior stone work
  • installation of a security system
  • installation of new air conditioning units
  • internal repairs to the business working area, including stone repairs to the chimney and walls, re-rendering of the walls, painting of the interior, sanding and oiling of floor boards, repairs to the ceiling, repairs to windows and doors, and installation of new door furniture
  • repairs to the front verandah and reinstatement of detail on the verandah on the northern side of the building.

The works have enhanced the heritage values of the Wilcannia Post Office. The advice provided by the heritage adviser has guided all works, which were undertaken by tradespeople who are experienced in working on heritage buildings. The painting colour schemes are heritage sensitive, and highlight the heritage aesthetics of the building and blend with the streetscape.

Without these important works being undertaken, the building would have remained in a derelict state. Further works to be undertaken by the Council will prepare this building for community use. Local residents have also been encouraged to undertake work on other heritage buildings, including shop fronts along the main street.