Willandra Lakes region human fossil trackway interpretation: progress reports

Progress report one (November 2009)

Tender documentation and an interpretive brief has been prepared. A tender is expected to be engaged before Christmas.

Progress report two (February 2010)

Tender has been awarded and the concept action plan has been drafted. The plan will be refined through site visits.

The landscape design for the Trackways Interpretation, Visiting Deck and Discovery Tour Terrace has been completed.

Website design has commenced.

Progress report Three (June 2009)

Signage has been completed and is due to be erected in mid-June. The landscape animation is completed and has been reviewed. In addition, the Film of Elders is ready for preview and comment by Elders.

Trackway reconstruction has commenced, with mould fabrications, tile production and site preparation underway.

Works on the website have commenced, with the site mapped, graphics completed, and content under review.

Due to weather conditions and the required consultation process, the project is now due for completion in August 2010.

Final result (December 2010)

The development and installation of high quality interactive and informative interpretation of Willandra Lakes World Heritage values is complete. The project upgraded and expanded the interpretation of the Willandra Lakes World Heritage area and provided a re-creation and explanation of the local Indigenous heritage and culture. The construction of a replica of the fossil human trackway, along with the associated interpretive display and viewing area, has allowed for the preservation of the actual site. The project also showcased energy-efficiency and sustainability principles and technologies to maximise the environmental sustainability of the Mungo Visitors Centre.

The interpretation has significantly contributed to conserving the heritage values of the site and improved visitor experiences. Development of all aspects of the project was performed with the engagement of the local Indigenous community and the Willandra Lakes Elders Council.