Regional Natural Heritage Program funding outcomes for 2004-05

A total of 56 project proposals for RNHP funding in 2004-05 were submitted by NGOs and other organisations. Projects were assessed particularly for their potential to achieve direct on-ground outcomes in the second year of implementation of the RNHP.

Fifteen projects were funded for a total of $4 350 911:

Project description Name of recipient Location Funding amount
Ongoing projects
Developing local partnerships in environmental education and training at Tam Dao National Park
  • Build a training centre.
  • Establish an environmental education programme for local adults and children.
Education for Nature Vietnam Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam $75,500
Stopping poaching, and gaining public support for new and expanded protected areas in Sumatra
  • Protect rhinos and tigers from poaching.
  • Cooperate with local communities for national park protection.
  • Add areas to existing national park.
Conservation International Indonesia $400,000
Conserving coral reef hotspots in the Bismarck Sea
  • Identify and study traditional management techniques for conserving threatened coral reefs.
  • Declare six new marine areas.
Wildlife Conservation Society Papua New Guinea $134,990
Mondulkiri elephant conservation project
Maintain and extend activities for conserving Asian elephants, endangered species facing increased habitat loss and poaching, through:
  • community awareness raising
  • boundary clarification, and
  • capacity-building for government conservation
  • staff.
Fauna and Flora International Cambodia $73,230
Conserving Vietnam's critically endangered primates: community-based initiatives to safeguard two critically endangered primates in Northern Vietnam
  • Strengthen protection through patrolling and monitoring.
  • Establish protected areas for both species.
  • Build community awareness.
  • Develop alternative livelihoods to avoid habitat destruction.
  • Conduct research to increase habitat and seek species population growth.
Fauna and Flora International Northern Vietnam $106,700
Integrated human and conservation development at Tanjung Putting National Park, Indonesia.
Build on conservation initiatives in the region to reverse habitat loss by combating illegal logging, poaching and mining through:
  • increasing park protection and local awareness
  • promoting joint community/government anti-poaching and firefighting patrols
  • building education capacity
  • working with local communities to build on-ground participation and support.
Yayasan Pecinta/Friends of National Parks Foundation   $38,138
New projects
Transboundary conservation of the Annamite Range
  • Develop a framework agreement between Laos and Vietnam to protect and conserve the Annamite Range.
  • Monitor and control illegal timber harvesting.
  • Develop alternate livelihood activities.
IUCN Asia Programme Laos, Vietnam $285,000
Protecting the heart of the Coral Triangle: strengthening marine protected areas in eastern Indonesia
  • Support the management of six marine protected areas.
  • Work on co-management initiatives with local fishers by:
    • completing a five-year management plan
    • translating a coastal management plan, and
    • establishing a licensing system.
The Nature Conservancy Indonesia $500,000
Building partnerships and conservation priorities for East Timor's first national park

Establish a community-based consultative process for in-situ conservation of the area of highest biodiversity value in East Timor by:

  • developing a national protected areas network
  • fostering sustainable management in East Timor's pilot protected area in the Lake Iralalaro/Jaco Island region, and
  • developing national protected area legislation and policy frameworks.
Birdlife International   $193,000
Saving Fiji's Forest Hotspots
  • Develop management plans for two forest reserves for increased protection.
  • Obtain Protected Area status for a further two high value conservation areas.
  • Educate local people about biodiversity and conservation.
  • Prevent logging of four areas of high value forest.
  • Establish alternative livelihoods for local people.
Birdlife International Fiji $180,000
Orangutan protection units: Bukit Tigapuluh, Sumatra, Indonesia
  • Develop and implement two orangutan protection units (OPU) in the Bukit Tigapuluh National Park region in Sumatra.
  • Monitor and deter illegal logging in two target areas.
The project contributes to the long-term conservation of the largest remaining lowland rainforest block in Sumatra.
Australian Orangutan Project Indonesia $62,756
Saving Samoa's critically endangered Ma'oma'o and Manumea
Protect two endemic Samoan bird species, Ma'oma'o or Samoan honeyeater, and Manumea or tooth-billed pigeon, which are close to extinction, through:
  • protecting habitat
  • controlling invasive species
  • introducing protected area status for habitat, and
  • raising awareness in local communities.
Wildlife Conservation Society   $200,000
Local Action, Local Results: CEPF invasive alien species program for the key biodiversity sites of the Polynesia and Micronesia hotspot
Control the spread of invasive species in key biodiversity sites in the Polynesia and Micronesia hotspot. Seed funding is to be given for projects identified through a comprehensive planning process involving participants in the Pacific Program of Cooperative Islands Initiative (a New Zealand Aid initiative).
Conservation International Pacific Island Nations $1.5m
Establishing the Sovi Basin Nature Reserve (Fiji)
Establish the Sovi Basin Nature Reserve (Fiji) as a first step in building a Viti Levu Upland forest corridor through:
  • completing the Sovi Basin conservation agreement
  • conducting research for improved conservation
  • expanding the conservation area, and
  • establishing capital endowment for long-term sustainability (US$1m committed).
Conservation International Foundation Fiji $399,500
Cat Ba Langur Conservation Project (conserving the critically endangered Cat Ba Langur and its habitat) Hai Phong Province, Vietnam
  • Prevent extinction of the world's 60 remaining Cat Ba or Golden Headed Langurs.
  • Explore alternate livelihoods to prevent habitat destruction.
  • Establish langur protection zones.
  • Establish protection patrols.
  • Raise community awareness.
Australian Foundation for the Peoples of Asia and the Pacific Pty Ltd Vietnam $202,097