The Regional Natural Heritage Programme

About the Regional Natural Heritage Programme (RNHP)

This programme has now finished. The final year of funding for the Regional Natural Heritage Programme was 2006-07.

The RNHP was a 4 year (2003-04 to 2006-07) $10 million programme that allocated funds to non-government organisations (NGOs) and other relevant agencies to protect outstanding biodiversity in hotspot areas of South-East Asia and the Pacific.

The RNHP programme was announced by the Prime Minister on 18 February 2004. The programme complemented work being carried out through the Asia Pacific Focal Point for World Heritage (APFP) to help implement the World Heritage Convention in the Australian region.

RNHP 2006-2007 funding

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Biodiversity hotspots

Find out how an area is identified as a biodiversity hotspot and where the hotspots are in our region