Australia's Natural Lands and Rivers

Rivers & Catchments

The state and territory lists of Natural Rivers identified by Wild Rivers (as illustrated in the Identified Natural River Maps) are available here.

The final Identified Natural Rivers lists below include:
a) the name (where known) of each river that meets commonwealth criteria for identification;
b) the length of the "undisturbed" section(s) of that waterway;
c) the total length of the river;
d) the percentage of the river below threshold; and
Other information, where applicable, on each State/Territory criteria.

Click on the appropriate link below to view (and save) a comma delimited text file of the Identified Natural Rivers.

The analysis of Australia's Rivers and Catchment Condition Database (ARCCD) has produced maps of the River Disturbance Index. From this index, thresholds on the level of disturbance were placed on the data and a subset of rivers were identified as "undisturbed" by both State and Commonwealth governments.

Conservation Guidelines for the Management of Wild River Values is a report of the Wild Rivers project to identify Australia's undisturbed rivers. The Identification of Wild Rivers - Methodology and Database Development reports Australian Rivers and Catchment Condition Database methodology.

Further information about the database can be found on Green Pages