Calperum and Taylorville Stations

Calperum Station and Taylorville Station are pastoral leases near Renmark in South Australia, comprising of 242,800 and 92,600 hectares of predominantly open mallee bushland and Murray River floodplains. They form part of Riverland Biosphere Reserve, which is located in the Riverland area of South Australia. The Riverland Biosphere Reserve was previously known as the 'Bookmark' Biosphere Reserve, a name derived from the Aboriginal word Pukumako meaning flint stone axe or sandstone grit hole.

Calperum and Taylorville are important locally, nationally and internationally because of their intact mallee vegetation, the presence of several threatened bird species, and their wetlands and related species. The properties form critical habitat for the endangered black-eared miner (Manorina melanotis). They are also important for the conservation of the nationally vulnerable malleefowl (Leipoa ocellata), the regionally vulnerable bush stone-curlew (Burhinus grallarius) and the nationally vulnerable southern bell frog (Litoria ramiformis).

Calperum Station with its significant Mallee and Murray River wetlands, was purchased by the Chicago Zoological Society in 1993 with assistance from the Australian Government. Taylorville Station was purchased by the Australian Landscape Trust in 2000, with assistance from the Australian Government, as an addition to the Riverland Biosphere Reserve. Both properties are deeded to the Director of National Parks.

The Mallee scrubland of Australia is one of the most endangered vegetation types in the world, with approximately 80 per cent cleared for agriculture in the past 150 years. The mallee, like many parts of Australia, has not responded well to imposed European style land use. In the past the fragile soils and vegetation have been overexposed to grazing and inappropriate land use.

Location of the Riverland Biosphere ReserveCalperum and Taylorville Stations are managed by the Australian Landscape Trust under contract to the Director of National Parks.


The office of Calperum and Taylorville Stations is located 20 kilometres north-east of Renmark on Calperum Station.

Opening Hours

Please contact Calperum Station between 9am - 5pm to arrange visits to Calperum or Taylorville Stations. They will also be able to provide information about permits and road and track conditions.

Contact details

Calperum Station
PO Box 955
Renmark SA 5341

Phone: (08) 8595 7359

What to do and see

Calperum and Taylorville Stations provides opportunities for educational programs, training programs and nature-based recreational activities including camping, picnicking, bush walking canoeing and bird watching. Visitors are also able to view land recovery and species restoration programs on site.


The flora and fauna of the region must be adaptable to tolerate low erratic rainfall and extremes of temperature ranging from minus 2°C over night to 16°C during winter. The summers are long with temperatures ranging from warm to hot. Temperatures in excess of 40°C are common.