CAPAD Abbreviations

Purple-crowned fairy-wren, Mornington Sanctuary, Western Australia | Nick Rains

Protected Area Types and Type Codes

Type Code Type
AA Aboriginal Area
ACCP Conservation Covenant
ASMA Antarctic Specially Managed Areas
ASPA Antarctic Specially Protected Areas
BG Botanic Gardens (Commonwealth)
CA Conservation Area
CCA Coordinated Conservation Area
CCAZ1 CCA Zone 1 National Park
CCAZ3 CCA Zone 3 State Conservation Area
COR Coastal Reserve
CP Conservation Park
CR Conservation Reserve
FLR Flora Reserve
FR Forest Reserve
GR Game Reserve
HA Heritage Agreement
HIR Historical Reserve
HR Heritage River
HS Historic Site
HTR Hunting Reserve
IPA Indigenous Protected Area
KCR Karst Conservation Reserve
MAA Management Agreement Area
MCP National Parks Act Schedule 4 park or reserve
MR Miscellaneous Reserve
NAP Nature Park
NAPA Nature Park (Aboriginal)
NCA Natural Catchment Area
NCR Nature Conservation Reserve
NNR National Nature Reserves
NFR Natural Features Reserve
NP National Park
NPA National Park Aboriginal
NPC National Park (Commonwealth)
NPR National Park (Recovery)
NR Nature Reserve
NRA Nature Recreation Area
NREF Nature Refuge
NRS NRS Addition - Gazettal in Progress
NS National Park (Scientific)
OCA Other Conservation Area
OCA/NP Other Conservation Area / Nature Park
OP Other
PA Protected Area
PNPA Proposed National Parks Act park or park addition
PNR Private Nature Reserve
PPP Permanent Park Preserve
PS Private Sanctuary
RA Reference Area
REP Regional Park
RNA Remote and Natural Area
RP Recreation Park
RR Regional Reserve
RSR Resource Reserve
S5G 5(1)(g) Reserve
S5H 5(1)(h) Reserve
SCA State Conservation Area
SP State Park
SR State Reserve
TR Timber Reserve
WA Wilderness Protection Area
WP Wilderness Park
WZ Wilderness Zone

Governance descriptions and codes

Governance type Description GOVERNANCE codes
Government Protected areas with decision-making authority, responsibility and accountability in the hands of national, state or local government G
Private Private protected areas where land and resource owners hold decision-making authority, responsibility and accountability P
Community Community conserved areas where indigenous peoples or local communities (settled or mobile) hold decision-making authority, responsibility and accountability. C
Joint Jointly managed protected areas where several social actors from different governance types share decision-making authority, responsibility and accountability. Joint management arrangements are recognised by a management board, agreement (e.g. ILUA) or other formal arrangement. J