Ned's Corner Station - Video

About Ned's Corner Station

When Trust for Nature first considered turning Ned's Corner - a 30,000 hectare sheep and cattle station - into a conservation reserve, the scale of the task was daunting. But five years on, with support from the Australian Government, help from private donors and the local community, Ned's Corner Station is the largest privately-owned reserve in Victoria. It forms a vital part of Australia's National Reserve System.

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Dr Chris Williams, Trust for Nature:
The National Reserve System is a system that allows all the Australian states to coordinate on maximising the amount of protected land for nature conservation in Australia.
Ned's Corner Station is the largest freehold property in Victoria and it was purchased by Trust for Nature in 2002 to be incorporated into the National Reserve system.

Greg Ogle, Trust for Nature:
There was a little bit of local curiosity about what we were going to do with the place, but it didn't take long to get support because we went along to the local Landcare group meetings, and we had a few barbecues, and as soon as the locals found out what we were about and how were going to restore the property and maintain its integrity and historical values, they were very happy.

Stefano de Pieri, Ambassador for Murray River:
A place like Ned's enables people to participate and to feel they're doing some useful, something concrete, something tangible, something they can put a little bit of themselves into.

Dr Chris Williams, Trust for Nature:
We are into engaging with the community for very practical reasons, but we're really gratified that we can contribute to the local economy and to building up the community.

Peter, contractor:
I'm on a program with the Mallee CMA and we're doing fencing projects like this one. I've been a bit lucky in that I've lost my job due to the drought that I had for eight years managing a turf farm, so for me this has been great to get onto the program.

Dr Chris Williams, Trust for Nature:
We like to think too, we're contributing to the local economy by making sure we use local contractors for everything, from fencing to preparing areas for revegetation.

Jason, contractor:
We just come out here to do some fencing. We been out here for seven weeks now. Yeah - it's good out here. It's quiet.

Greg Ogle, Trust for Nature:
With the rabbit control and the total grazing management work we're doing, we're trying to get a recovery of a range of plant species and that will enhance the whole biodiversity of the area and give the birds and animals and invertebrates a better chance to recover.

Dr Chris Williams, Trust for Nature:
Protecting Ned's Corner is really important for future generations, that goes without saying, because Australia has produced enormous wealth out of agriculture and development, but it's come at a high cost to our landscapes and our wildlife. So we are probably the last generation that can preserve the last remaining, intact landscapes, like Ned's Corner.
You don't do conservation in spite of farming. You do it because conservation underpins all agriculture and all the air and the soil and all the wildlife that actually allows us to have this continent that we actually enjoy.
So its really important to have a National Reserve System program.

Stefano de Pieri, Ambassador for Murray River:
Ned's Corner is a classic example of what can be done for future generations. This is a people's project and it's a very important one and there should be more of it so the kids in the future can say 'look what our community did for us in the past and what tremendous foresight.'