National Registration Scheme

The National Registration Scheme operates under the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals (Administration) Act 1992 and subsequent Acts. It requires companies or individuals proposing to sell or use an agricultural or veterinary chemical product to first establish that the product is safe and effective before it can be registered.

The definitions of agricultural and veterinary chemical products are set out in the Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Code Act. They are very broad and do not restrict the requirement for registration to chemical products used only in agricultural production.

Registration is required for a large range of products that, in broad terms, kill pests and control disease. Consequently, products such as swimming pool chemicals, home garden and domestic pest control products, dog and cat collars and veterinary medicines for pets are required to be registered. Products which fall outside the scheme include fertilisers, headlice treatment for humans, stockfoods, cut flower preservatives and disinfectants.

The Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Authority (AVPMA) reviews existing chemicals through the Chemical Review Programme, which requires a comprehensive environmental assessment.

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