Product Notice - Packaging - 19/12/2011

The Product Stewardship Act 2011 requires at least 12 months' notification be given that a class of products is being considered for some form of accreditation or regulation under the Act before regulations may be made in relation to that class of products. The Parliamentary Secretary for Sustainability and Urban Water has approved the issuing of such a notice in relation to packaging.

Class of Products Date of Notice Reasons


(and subsets of packaging, such as consumer packaging or beverage packaging)


Packaging is in a national market, there is potential to significantly increase the recovery of resources from used packaging, and there is potential to significantly reduce the impact used packaging has on the environment, including through reduction of litter.

Commonwealth, State and Territory Governments agreed that a Consultation Regulation Impact Statement (RIS) be prepared to consider options to improve packaging recycling and reduce litter. Regulatory options considered in the Consultation RIS include regulation under the Act.

The Consultation RIS referred to in the above notice was released on 7 December 2011 and can be found at the link below. The issuing of this notice is intended to cater for the possibility that regulations may be required following completion of the RIS process. It does not pre-empt the outcomes of the RIS process.

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