Water Quality for Maintenance of Aquatic Ecosystems: Appropriate Indicators and Analysis

Australia: State of the Environment Technical Paper Series (Inland Waters), Series 1
Peter Liston and William Maher
Department of the Environment, Sport and Territories, 1997
ISBN 0 642 25274 2

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About the Technical Paper

The purpose of this paper is to identify aspects of water quality that will give an indication of the suitability of a water body (lake, river, wetland) for the maintenance of aquatic ecosystems. These indicators could then serve as an appropriate basis for reporting on the national state of the environment. The approach followed was first to identify activities that have the potential to cause an impact on aquatic ecosystems, and second to identify indicators of the discharges associated with such activities. In this process, it was necessary to recognise that natural differences in water quality exist and that ecosystems are adapted to these differences.