Biodiversity Theme Report

Australia State of the Environment Report 2001 (Theme Report)
Prepared by: Dr Jann Williams, RMIT University, Authors
Published by CSIRO on behalf of the Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2001
ISBN 0 643 06749 3

Please Note

This report was written to provide source material for Australian State of the Environment Committee's purposes. Independent contract authors prepared the seven supporting theme reports that the Committee considered during preparation of the 2001 SoE Report. The opinions in the theme reports are those of the authors, not of the Committee.

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  • Introduction
  • State of the Environment reporting and the 2001 national report
  • -->
  • The meaning, significance and implications of biodiversity
  • What is biodiversity?
  • Australia's biodiversity: A unique heritage
  • Megadiverse countries
  • Key features of Australia's biodiversity
  • The biodiversity challenge: Responsibilities roles and partnerships
  • Improving information and knowledge
  • Communication and education strategies
  • Managing biodiversity
  • Restoration and recovery
  • Policy and management settings
  • -->
  • Biodiversity status, trends and indicators
  • The 1996 State of the Environment Report
  • Indicators of biodiversity
  • -->
  • Institutions and policies
  • Changing roles and responsibilities
  • Partnerships
  • Statutory policy and organisational settings
  • Monitoring and evaluating policy and law
  • -->
  • Biodiversity issues and challenges
  • Disturbance regimes and biodiversity
  • Exotic species and genetically modified organisms
  • Protecting biodiversity
  • -->
  • Increase in the knowledge of biodiversity
  • Taxonomic endeavour in Australia
  • Biodiversity in ecological processes
  • The use of surrogates for the management of biodiversity
  • The use of bioregions
  • Long-term monitoring
  • -->
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Introduction
  • Expenditure on biodiversity
  • Local government and biodiversity
  • The Australian private sector and biodiversity
  • Involving the community in conservation
  • Indigenous people and biodiversity
  • The international dimension
  • -->
  • Conclusions: shaping the future - safe-guarding Australia's biodiversity heritage
  • Glossary
  • References
  • Case studies
  • Environmental Indicators
  • Figures
  • Maps
  • Tables
  • Prepared by

    Dr Jann Williams, RMIT University
    Ms Cassia Read, RMIT University
    Professor Tony Norton, RMIT University
    Dr Steve Dovers, The Australian National University
    Associate Professor Mark Burgman, University of Melbourne
    Ms Wendy Proctor, Australian National University
    Ms Heather Anderson, RMIT University

    Theme coordinator

    Gary Whatman, State of the Environment Reporting Section, Environment Australia, Department of the Environment and Heritage