Natural and Cultural Heritage Theme Report

Australia State of the Environment Report 2001 (Theme Report)
Lead Author: Jane Lennon, Jane Lennon and Associates Pty Ltd, Authors
Published by CSIRO on behalf of the Department of the Environment and Heritage, 2001
ISBN 0 643 06752 3

Please Note

This report was written to provide source material for Australian State of the Environment Committee's purposes. Independent contract authors prepared the seven supporting theme reports that the Committee considered during preparation of the 2001 SoE Report. The opinions in the theme reports are those of the authors, not of the Committee.

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  • Introduction
  • Heritage and the State of the Environment
  • Heritage on a continental scale
  • Jurisdiction - extent of heritage legislation
  • The Commonwealth's national heritage places strategy
  • Implementing environmental indicators for measuring the condition of the natural and cultural heritage
  • -->
  • State of knowledge about Australia's heritage
  • State of knowledge about heritage places, objects and values
  • Knowledge of natural heritage places
  • Knowledge of Indigenous heritage places
  • Knowledge of historic heritage places
  • Knowledge of heritage objects
  • -->
  • Current condition of heritage places and objects and pressures affecting them
  • Condition of natural heritage places
  • Condition of Indigenous heritage places
  • Condition of historic heritage places
  • Condition of heritage objects
  • Effects of population change on heritage
  • Effect of technological change, economic restructuring and development on heritage
  • Effects of tourism on heritage
  • -->
  • State of government protection and funding of heritage places
  • Government protection of heritage places
  • Government funding of heritage research and conservation
  • Government rationalisation and organisational change
  • -->
  • State of community awareness and action
  • Public awareness of heritage conservation
  • Awareness through involvement
  • Awareness of Indigenous heritage
  • -->
  • Indigenous control of Indigenous heritage
  • Location of Indigenous people in relation to country
  • Forms of Indigenous control of country
  • Indigenous cultural heritage professionals working in government heritage organisations
  • Repatriation of Indigenous artefacts and human remains
  • Keeping places, cultural centres and heritage trails and tours
  • -->
  • State of Indigenous languages related to cultural heritage
  • Number of Indigenous language speakers
  • Are Indigenous languages being passed on?
  • Documentation of Indigenous languages
  • Indigenous language programs in schools and education institutions
  • -->
  • Conclusions
  • Key findings regarding heritage places and objects as part of State of Environment reporting 1995-2000
  • Sustainability of Australia's heritage
  • -->
  • Appendix 1: Heritage Legislation
  • Appendix 2: Australian Heritage Places Principles
  • Appendix 3: Outline of key aspects of the Commonwealth's new heritage regime
  • Appendix 4: Natural and cultural heritage indicators, 1998
  • Appendix 5: 1996 Key findings for natural and cultural heritage
  • Appendix 6: Summary of the operation of historic heritage legislation.
  • Glossary
  • Case studies
  • Environmental Indicators
  • Figures
  • Maps
  • Tables
  • Prepared by

    Lead Author: Jane Lennon, Jane Lennon and Associates Pty Ltd
    Dr Michael Pearson, Heritage Management Consultants Pty Ltd
    Duncan Marshall, Heritage consultant
    Dr Patrick McConvell, Australian Institute of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Studies
    Sharon Sullivan, Sullivan Blazejowski and Associates
    Dr Warren Nicholls, Heritage consultant
    David Johnston, Australian Archaeological Survey Consultants Pty Ltd

    Theme coordinator

    Ian Robertson, State of the Environment Reporting Section, Department of the Environment and Heritage