Indicator: A-43 Greenhouse - carbon dioxide equivalent emissions by primary fuel type


Total CO2-equivalent emissions by primary fuel type, 1990-2003

Total CO<sub>2</sub>-equivalent emissions by primary fuel type, 1990-2003

Source: Department of the Environment and Heritage and Australian Greenhouse Office 2005, National Greenhouse Gas Inventory, Analysis of Recent Trends and Greenhouse Indicators 1990-2003, DEH and AGO, Canberra, table A4.4

What the data mean

The data shows that there has been an increase in total carbon dioxide emissions from various fuel types over the reporting period, 1990 to 2003. The data also shows the relative contribution of the primary fuel types; coal accounts for over fifty percent of all emissions and its relative contribution has grown slightly over the reporting period.

Data Limitations

Nil known.

Issues for which this is an indicator and why

Atmosphere — Climate variability and change - Greenhouse 

Different types of fossil fuels contribute different levels of emissions to Australia’s greenhouse emissions. Emissions by fuel type is a direct indicator for this issue.

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