Data Reporting System - Theme: Land


Land is one of the four physical spheres of the Earth's environment, along with the atmosphere, the coasts and oceans and inland waters.

The issues included in the Land theme have been structured to reflect complex systems relationships. They recognise the close relationship between the condition of the land and the condition of terrestrial biodiversity, and decouple the contributions that the land makes to human life (including heritage values) from the pressures which those contributions place on the land. The pressures on land are separated into direct pressures from human settlements and activities, and the indirect pressures and contributions that operate between the land and the overlapping themes of: coasts and oceans, inland waters and atmosphere. Societal responses to pressures or deteriorating conditions are examined as separate issues because of the time lag before responses can be expected to translate into improvements in condition or reductions in pressures.


Land condition

Contributions of land to human life

Direct pressure of human activities on the land

Contributions and pressures between the land and the atmosphere

Contributions and pressures between the land and inland water

Contributions and pressures between the land and the ocean

Societal responses