Data Reporting System - Theme: Human settlements


Human settlements are a source of pressure on the external environment, across all four physical themes: the atmosphere, coasts and oceans, the land and inland waters. They are also a source of pressure on biodiversity which cuts across the four physical themes.

However, human settlements are also 'environments' in their own right.

The issues included in the Human settlements theme in SoE 2006 have been structured to examine the contributions or services provided to human settlements by the environment, the pressures human settlements exert on the external environment, the pressures acting on human settlements as environments in their own right, and the condition (liveability) of human settlements as environments in their own right. Societal responses to pressures or deteriorating conditions are examined as separate issues because of the time lag before responses can be expected to translate into improvements in condition or reductions in pressures.


Services provided by the environment to human settlements

External pressures on human settlements

Liveability of human settlements

Pressures created by human settlements on the environment

General responses provided to improve the environment