State of the environment report on human settlements: stocks and flows indicators

Technical report
James Lennox and Graham Turner, CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems
prepared for the 2006 Australian State of the Environment Committee, 2004

Links to data

In the following text, there are hyperlinks to indicator documents in the SoE 2006 Data Reporting System. In some cases, hyperlinks are made to indicator documents that are now populated but for which data were unavailable to the committee at the time of writing the report. Links to the Data Reporting System are shown with this symbol  

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Material and energy flows in society are among the key determinants of ecological sustainability at local, regional and global scales. They are also relevant to social and economic sustainability. Analysis of material and energy flows can provide indicators and other information to inform policy and progress towards sustainability at local, regional, national and global scales.


Lennox, J.A., Turner, G.M. (2004). 'State of the Environment Report on Human Settlements: Stocks and Flows Indicators', prepared for the Department of the Environment and Heritage, Canberra. CSIRO Sustainable Ecosystems, Canberra,