Dr Andreas Bollhöfer – BSc, PhD

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Research interests

Radiation Protection; Radioecology; Isotope Science.

General research interests and background

Dr Andreas Bollhöfer leads the ERISS Environmental Radioactivity program. His background is in Environmental Physics and Isotope Science, and he has spent most of his research career investigating isotopes of the natural uranium and thorium decay series and anthropogenic radionuclides from nuclear weapons testing, energy production and re-procesing to study environmental transport processes. He has used radioactive and radiogenic isotopes to characterise sources of pollution worldwide, and more specifically to assess the potential impacts of mining in the Alligator Rivers Region upon humans and the environment. Remotely sensed data such as airborne gamma surveys play an important role in those assessments. Andreas has represented the department on a number of national and international scientific committees associated with environmental radioactivity and radioecology programs. A focus of his recent research is the determination of pre-mining radiological conditions at Ranger mine with the view of developing post remediation radiological closure criteria.

Current key projects

  • Estimating radon activity flux densities and diffusion coefficients for Ranger waste rock to predict radon fluxes from the rehabilitated landform.
  • Investigation of radionuclide uptake in plants and animals, both from the terrestrial and aquatic environments.
  • Assessment of radiation doses to humans and non human biota from radionuclides in the environment, during the operational phase and after rehabilitation of the mine site.
  • Development of a model to predict 226Ra uptake in the freshwater mussel, Velesunio Angasi,  from measured Ca, Mg and 226Ra activity concentrations in water bodies of Northern Australia.
  • Monitoring of airborne radon and dust concentrations in the vicinity of the Ranger mine.
  • Monitoring of radionuclides in surface water and groundwater, and in mussels from the Magela Creek catchment.
  • Assessment of the success of remediation of the historic uranium mine sites in the South Alligator River valley.

Key publications

Bollhöfer A & Doering C 2015. Long-term temporal variability of the radon-222 exhalation flux from a landform covered by low uranium grade waste rock. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity 127, 88–94. DOI: 10.1016/j.jenvrad.2015.06.005

Medley P & Bollhöfer A 2015. Influence of group II metals on Radium-226 concentration ratios in the native Green Plum (Buchanania obovata) from the Alligator Rivers Region, Northern Territory, Australia. Journal of Environmental Radioactivity (in press).

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