The Alligator Rivers Region Advisory Committee

The Alligator Rivers Region Advisory Committee (ARRAC), established under the Environment Protection (Alligator Rivers Regions) Act 1978, (the Act) is a stakeholder forum for information exchange and policy consultation in relation to the effects of uranium mining on the Alligator Rivers Region environment.

Public disclosure of environmental performance data through ARRAC is an important means of ensuring transparency and maintaining mutual trust between the relevant stakeholder organisations. The Committee also assists in providing assurance to the broader community that the Alligator Rivers Region environment (including World Heritage listed values within Kakadu National Park) remains protected from uranium mining impacts.

At each meeting, members provide information reports which assist knowledge sharing and reduce potential for misinformation. These reports include summaries (and interpretation) of monitoring data, operational updates from uranium exploration and mining companies and the outcomes of Supervising Scientist audit and assessment activity.

ARRAC Membership

Consistent with the provisions of the Act, ARRAC currently comprises:

  • an independent Chairperson;
  • the Supervising Scientist;
  • the Director of National Parks;
  • a representative of the Administrator of the Northern Territory;
  • a representative of the Northern Land Council;
  • a representative of an environment organisation nominated by the Minister; and
  • members representing relevant industry, community and government stakeholder organisations, namely:
    • Afmeco Mining and Exploration Pty Ltd (AREVA Group)
    • Uranium Equities Limited
    • Energy Resources of Australia Ltd
    • Cameco Australia Pty Ltd
    • Australian Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety Agency
    • Australian Government - Department of Industry, Innovation and Science
    • Northern Territory Government - Department of Mines and Energy
    • Northern Territory Government - Environment Protection Authority
    • Northern Territory Government - Department of Health
    • Gundjeihmi Aboriginal Corporation

Some of the above members have nominated deputy members (proxies) who have also been appointed by the Minister consistent with the provisions of the Act.

Meeting frequency

In general ARRAC meets twice a year. These meetings may be attended by observers.


ARRAC meetings are attended by members (or deputy members) and their respective advisors. Observers may attend ARRAC meetings with the approval of the Chair. Requests to attend should be directed to the ARRAC Secretariat in the first instance.

Contacting ARRAC

ARRAC Secretariat
Phone: (08) 8920 1122
Fax: (08) 8920 1199