Geelong-Shell Water Recycling Project (also known as the Northern Water Plant)


Geelong-Shell Water Recycling Project: Fact sheet (PDF - 274.08 KB)

About the project:

Project location: Geelong, Victoria

Funding recipients: Victorian Department of Sustainability and Environment

Total Australian Government funding: $20,000,000 (GST exclusive)

Total project value: $93,842,000

Other financial contributors: Shell Australia, Victorian Government, Barwon Water

Water savings: up to 1.817 GL/yrL/yr

Barwon Water (Barwon Region Water Corporation) has been contracted to manage the building of the Northern Water Plant, a 1.817 gigalitre per year (GL/yr) water recycling plant located at the Shell Refinery site in northern Geelong. The water produced will be used on site to offset the use of potable water. Class A recycled water will also be made available to local community facilities such as sports fields.

Project benefits/objectives:

  • The Plant will now provide the Shell Refinery with 1,817 million litres per year of recycled water rather than drawing it from Geelong's potable water supply.
  • Community facilities such as sporting grounds will be able to access high quality recycled water.
  • There will be a 10% reduction in the discharge of excess recycled water from the Black Rock Water Reclamation Plant into the ocean.

Project Progress:

Construction of the plant is now complete. The project is due to be finalised in March 2013.


Details of the Geelong-Shell Water Recycling Project (also known as the Northern Water Plant) project can be located on the Barwon Water website