Perth Residential Water Efficiency


Perth Residential Water Efficiency: Fact sheet (PDF - 276.42 KB)

About the project:

Project location: Perth, Western Australia

Funding recipients: Water Corporation of Western Australia

Total Australian Government funding: $2,400,000 (GST exclusive)

Water savings: up to 2.7 GL/yr

The project involves three major activities:

  • the exchange of inefficient showerheads for low flow efficient showerheads
  • a behavioural change project for households to learn where their water is used and undertake actions to reduce water use
  • a free water audit and retrofit project for pensioners that includes the installation of water efficient showerheads, tap aerators and the repair of visible leaks.

In July 2010, the Australian Government announced it would provide $2.4 million for a partnership with the Western Australian Government to co-fund the Perth Residential Water Efficiency project. The project is being managed and delivered by the Water Corporation of Western Australia.

Project benefits/objectives:

  • This demand management project is designed to contribute to the target to reduce potable water use in Perth by 15% or 50 gigalitres per annum (GL/yr) by 2030.
  • This project's original aim was to deliver total potable water savings of up to 1.2GL/yr. Savings are now estimated to be up to 2.7GL/yr.

Project Progress:

  • The showerhead swap was so successful the WA Water Corporation increased their target to swap 74,000 showerheads by 50,000. It now intends to swap 124,000 showerheads. The number of showerheads swapped as at January 2013 was 115,000. The original scheme was only available to residential customers, but was extended to 20 local councils in Perth to increase the water efficiency of council properties.
  • The H2ome Smart behaviour change activity has been successful with approximately 11,000 households having participated. This activity ended in August 2012.
  • The audit and retrofit project has been taken up by 1,200 households with the target set at 4,000. This element of the project is ongoing, with all targets due for completion in 2013.


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