The Hawkesbury Nepean River Recovery Project: Irrigation and Landscape Efficiency Project Component (ILEP)

Funding: Up to $ 7,409,100 from the Australian Government.

About the project component

The Hawkesbury Nepean River Recovery Project - ILEP component will be offered to councils, schools and golf courses within Sydney Water's area of operations that use potable water for open space irrigation.

The project will be delivered in two stages, namely an initial assessment stage followed by a subsequent implementation phase as described below.

Stage 1- Irrigation and Landscape Assessment (ILA) will be offered at no cost to State government and local government facilities and with a 50:50 co-funding for commercial open spaces. The ILA was based on detailed microclimatic modelling that was developed for Sydney Water's Love Your Garden  domestic program.

The model developed for the ILA quantifies the seasonal watering requirements by incorporating a wide range of factors affecting watering demand.

Stage 2 - Implementation of Recommendations

Based on the recommendations of the ILA and agreement with owners, on-ground measures will be implemented on a 50:50 cost sharing basis between the Project Monies and the landowner. This 50 per cent contribution from owners is required to ensure commitment from the customer to ongoing management practices associated with the recommendations.

Project benefits

The project aims to:

  • save 1.05 gigalitre per year of potable water through improved efficiency of water use in open space irrigation using improved technology, land and site management practices. These savings will accrue to increased environmental flows in the Hawkesbury Nepean River.