River Health in the New South Wales Lower North Coast, Hunter and Central Coast Catchments

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A report of AusRivAS assessments 1994 - 1999
Grant Hose and Eren Turak
Environment Protection Agency, 2004
ISBN 0 642 55099 9 ISSN 1447-1280

Report Cards listed by catchment and site code

Also available: Report cards listed by river name

Hunter Catchment
Site code Site name
Hunt02 Williams River at Thalaba Bridge
Hunt03 Allyn River at Halton
Hunt04 Williams River at Rocky Crossing
Hunt05 Parsons Creek upstream of Terrys Creek
Hunt07 Goulburn River near Tunbridge Creek
Hunt08 Kiernans Creek off Dart Brook
Hunt09 Chichester River near Hut
Hunt11 Upper Hunter River upstream of Moonan Flat
Hunt504 Williams River downstream of Clarence Town
Hunt506 Muscle Creek in Muswellbrook
Hunt507 Goulburn River at Sandy Hollow
Hunt508 Windyers Creek at Pacific Highway
Hunt509 Williams River at Dungog
Hunt510 Pages River at Blandford
Hunt511 Krui River at Cassilis Merriwa Road
Hunt512 Goulburn River downstream of Ulan Colliery
Hunt542 Black Creek downstream of Cessnock
Hunt543 Wollombi Brook at Williams Bridge
Hunt571 Hunter River at Muswellbrook
Hunt572 Hunter River at Maison Dieu
Hunt573 Hunter River downstream of Glenbawn Dam
Hunt574 Congewai Creek at Ford
Hunt576 Hunter River Mosses Crossing near Jerrys Plains
Hunt577 Halls Creek at Gungal Bridge
Hunt578 Merriwa River at Cullingral Road
Hunt579 Wybong Creek at Hollydeen
Hunt580 Martindale Creek upstream of The Ranch
Hunt582 Pages River upstream of Murrurundi
Hunt583 Pages River at Allan Bridge
Hunt584 Baerami Creek at Jones Bridge
Hunt585 Dart Brook at MacIntyre Bridge
Hunt587 Goulburn River at Wollar Road
Hunt588 Goulburn River at Kerrabee
Hunt590 Wallis Creek near Kurri
Hunt847 Hunter River at Elderslie
Hunt854 Hunter River downstream of Aberdeen
HuntM1 Hunter River downstream of Maitland
HuntM4 Wallis Creek downstream of Testers Hollow
Lower North Coast Wallis Lake, Karuah River Catchment
Karu01 Koorainghat Creek at Gillfillans Road
Karu02 Karuah River at Stroud Bridge
Karu120 Sugar Creek at Reedy Creek Road
Karu502 Karuah River downstream of Stroud
Karu504 Mammy Johnson River upstream of Stroud Road
Karu540 Karuah River downstream of Mammy Johnson River
Karu570 Wallamba River at Karkatt
Karu571 Wang Wauk River at Baptism Hole
Karu572 Wallamba Creek at Wellers Lane
Karu573 Khoribakh Creek at Dyers Crossing
Karu574 Myall River at Markwell
Karu601 Karuah River at Chichester State Forest
Karu602 Winns Creek at Purgatory Road
Lower North Coast Manning Valley Catchment
Mann02 Holey Flat Creek upstream of Moorland
Mann05 Two Mile Creek near Pacific Highway
Mann06 Landsdowne River at Mount Bally
Mann07 Tommy Owens Creek at Brimbin Reserve
Mann09 Manning River at Killawarra Bridge
Mann10 Caparra Creek at Tallowwood Flat Forest Road
Mann102 Manning River at Bradleys Reach
Mann103 Lorien Creek at Lorien Wildlife Reserve
Mann12 Barrington River at Bobs Crossing
Mann13 Manning River at Henrys Bridge
Mann14 Manning River at Gummi Trail
Mann15 Manning River at Ninnes Trail
Mann19 Gloucester River at Gloucester Road
Mann20 Manning River at Charity Crossing
Mann21 Kerripit River off Moppy Road
Mann501 Gloucester River upstream of Gloucester
Mann504 Avon River downstream of Stratford
Mann570 Gloucester River at Koorabah
Mann571 Manning River at Clearwater
Mann572 Manning River at Gloryvale Reserve
Mann573 Barnard River at Bridge upstream of Bretti Reserve
Mann574 Barnard River at Corroborree Flat
Mann575 Nowendoc River at Nowendoc
Mann577 Mummel River at Cooplacurripa
Central Coast Catchment - Tuggerah Lake, Lake Macquarie.
Tugg501 Canada Drop Down Creek
Tugg502 Ourimbah Creek at Freeway
Tugg503 Boggy Hole Creek at Palmers Creek Road
Tugg505 Winding Creek at Glendale
Tugg570 Dora Creek at Cooranbong
Tugg571 Wallarah Creek near Main Northern Railway
Tugg572 Wyong River at Kiddmans Lane