AusRivAS Training and Accreditation - Course Outline and Structure and Content

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Cooperative Research Centre for Freshwater Ecology
Monitoring River Health Initiative Technical Report Number 32
Environment Australia, 2002
ISSN 1447 1280


Course Structure and Content (continued)

Module 1

Training - Pre-Field & Site Information

  • Preparation for field work (State/Territory specific)

Equipment checks and calibration etc.
Bottle washing
Alkalinity testing demo
Must be aware of your organisation's safety requirements and protocols.
Community group coordinators must make members aware of the safety issues eg. Two people in the field, floods etc,

  • Collection of Site Information (State/Territory specific)

Site information
Site location
DFS (Distance from source)
Stream order
Catchment area
Grid references
GPS use
Other methods of obtaining data e.g., GIS

Accreditation - Pre-Field & Site Information

  • Collection of site information (State/Territory specific)

Module 1 Course Materials

Course materials
Introduction notes and PowerPoint presentation
State/Territory Sampling and Processing Manuals
State/Territory Accreditation Manual
Other required resources
AusRivAS training video
Video projection equipment
Site information or field sampling sheets
Maps (laminated and non laminated)
Map measuring devices eg. digital planimeter, map wheel, ruler etc.
Magnifying glass
GPS (for converting grid references to latitude and longitude)