Adelaide Desalination Plant


Adelaide Desalination Plant: Fact sheet (PDF - 262.73 KB)

About the project:

Project location: Port Stanvac, South Australia

Funding recipients: South Australian Government

Total Australian Government funding: $328,000,000 (GST exclusive)

Water savings: up to 100 GL/yr

A 100 gigalitre per year (GL/yr) desalination plant has been constructed under the management of SA Water. The desalination plant will secure and diversify Adelaide's water supply by delivering a climate-independent source of drinking water. In 2008 the Australian Government committed $100 million to assist the South Australian Government to build a 50 GL/yr plant. In 2009 a further $228 million was allocated for the expansion of the plant to 100GL/yr, bringing the total Australian Government commitment to $328 million.

Project benefits/objectives:

  • Insure water supplies against future droughts by providing a climate-independent water source.
  • The plant has the capacity to supply up to half of Adelaide's annual water use from desalination.
  • Reducing reliance on the River Murray and providing additional environmental benefits.

Project progress:

Construction of the plant was completed in December 2012 and the plant is now operating under a 24-month warranty period.

Final report

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National Urban Water & Desalination Plan
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Details of the Adelaide Desalination Plant can be located on the SA Water website