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Environmental watering in the Macquarie Marshes 2011-12



About the watering

40 gigalitres of Commonwealth environmental water was delivered to the Macquarie Marshes in 2011-12.

Commonwealth environmental water was delivered in conjunction with approximately 110 gigalitres of water supplied by the New South Wales Government.

The purpose of the watering action was to build upon the improved wetland condition which resulted from the inundation of 2010-11. In addition the action aimed to improve system connectivity, and support habitat for a wide variety of wetland dependent species, including threatened species and migratory birds. Delivery of Commonwealth environmental water for this action commenced in early September 2011. In December 2011, egret (Ardea modesta; an EPBC listed migratory species) nests were reported in the Macquarie Marshes as a result of the watering action. By late January 2012, reports had been provided that the breeding event had successfully completed.

The watering action was managed in cooperation with the New South Wales Office of Environment and Heritage, New South Wales Office of Water, NSW State Water Corporation and the Macquarie Environmental Flows Reference Group.