Australian Longhorn Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)

 Cerambycidae) Volume 1 Introduction and Subfamily Lamiinae cover

Australian Longhorn Beetles (Coleoptera: Cerambycidae)
Volume 1
Introduction and Subfamily Lamiinae

Volume 1 Introduction and Subfamily Lamiinae


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This is the first in a three-volume series providing a comprehensive treatment of Australian Longhorn Beetles. Coleoptera: Cerambycidae are one of the most easily recognised groups of beetles, a family that worldwide encompasses over 33 000 species in 5 200 genera. With over 1 400 species classified in 300 genera, this is the sixth largest among 117 beetle families in Australia.

These beetles often attack and kill living forest or orchard trees and develop in construction timber (like European House borer, introduced to Western Australia), causing serious damage. Virtually all Cerambycidae feed on living or dead plant tissues and play a significant role in all terrestrial environments where plants are found. Larvae often utilise damaged or dead trees for their development, and through feeding on rotten wood form an important element of the saproxylic fauna, speeding energy circulation in these habitats. Many species are listed as quarantine pests because of their destructive role to the timber industry.

This volume provides a general introduction to the Australian Cerambycidae with sections on biology, phylogeny and morphology of adult and larvae, followed by keys to subfamilies and an overview of the 74 genera of the subfamily Lamiinae occurring in Australia. All Lamiinae genera are diagnosed, described and illustrated, and an illustrated key to their identification is provided. A full listing of all included Australian species with synonymies and bibliographic citations is also included.

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Publishers: Australian Biological Resources Study/CSIRO Publishing
Year: 2013
Authors: A.Ślipiński, H.E.Escalona
978 1 486 30003 7 (hardback)
978 1 486 30004 4 (ePDF)
978 1 486 30005 1 (ePub)
Size: 297 × 210 mm (A4)
Number of pages: xviii + 484 pages, index
Binding: Hardcover, section stitched
Illustrations: 200 colour plates, 19 black and white plates