Decision whether to approve

Environment assessment and approval process

  1. Refer an action
  2. Decision on your referral
  3. Decision on assessment approach
  4. Decision whether to approve
  5. Approved action - post approval

Following the assessment of your proposed action, the Minister will decide whether to:

  • approve your action
  • approve your action subject to constraints (eg will place conditions on the action)
  • not approve your action

The Minister will provide a proposed decision whether or not to approve an action and conditions (if any) to the person proposing to take the action and the designated proponent for comment before making a final decision.

When deciding if a proposed action should be approved, and what conditions to impose, the Minister will consider the impacts of the proposed action on matters protected by the EPBC Act and other economic and social matters. The Minister must take into account:

  • the principles of ecologically sustainable development
  • the outcomes of the assessment of the impacts of the proposed action
  • referral documentation
  • community and stakeholder comment
  • any other relevant information available on the impacts of the proposed action and
  • relevant comments from other Australian Government and state and territory government ministers (such as information on social and economic factors)

The Minister may also take into account the environmental history of the individual or company proposing to take the action, including the environmental history of the executive officers of companies, and parent companies and their executive officers.

Once the Minister has made a decision you will receive a copy of the approval or notice of the refusal. Decisions are published on the Government Notices Gazette and on the public notices site.