Refer an action

Environment assessment and approval process

  1. Refer an action
  2. Decision on your referral
  3. Decision on assessment approach
  4. Decision whether to approve
  5. Approved action - post approval

The purpose of the referral process is to determine whether or not a proposed action will need formal assessment and approval under the EPBC Act.

Your referral will be the principal basis for the Minister's decision as to whether approval is necessary and, if so, the type of assessment that will be taken.

You may still make a referral if you believe your action is not going to have a significant impact, or if you are unsure.

To help you decide whether or not your proposed action requires approval (and, therefore, if you should make a referral), refer to the following factsheet which includes links to further information on the Department's website and general guidance and helpful hints.

This factsheet aims to provide you with clear and up front guidance to help you navigate through the referral process as efficiently as possible, saving you time, money and frustration whilst still ensuring that environmental impacts are rigorously considered.

A policy that sets out the department's approach to project referrals where a relevant strategic assessment is underway or completed is now available.