Proposed model for accreditation of voluntary product stewardship arrangements

Consultation Paper on the Accreditation of Voluntary Product Stewardship Arrangements


On 28 February 2012 the department released for public consultation the Consultation Paper on the Proposed Model for Accreditation of Voluntary Product Stewardship Arrangements. A total of 20 submissions were received during the four week consultation period which ended 27 March 2012. The feedback provided has assisted in finalising the model in preparation for the development of a ministerial determination and fee regulations to support voluntary product stewardship accreditation under the Product Stewardship Act 2011.

The department would like to thank all those who provided submissions.

A summary of the matters raised in the submissions and copies of the non-confidential submissions are available below.

Number Submitted by
1 South East Resource Recovery Group (Word - 55KB)
2 Green Rubber Pty Ltd (Word - 67KB)
3 Consumer Electronics Suppliers Association (Word - 97KB)
4 Steel Stewardship Forum (PDF - 255KB)
5 Western Australia Department of Health (PDF - 213KB)
6 Crop Life (PDF - 284KB)
7 Western Australia Local Government Association (WALGA) (PDF - 199KB)
8 Eco Innovators Pty Ltd (PDF - 208KB)
9 National Packaging Covenant Industry Association (PDF - 185KB)
10 Vinyl Council of Australia (PDF - 183KB)
11 AgStewardship Australia Ltd (PDF - 185KB)
12 Publishers National Environment Bureau (PDF - 69KB)
13 Environmental Health Australia (WA) Inc (PDF - 973KB)
14 SCM Services (PDF - 304KB)
Attachment (PPTX - 304KB)
15 Lighting Council of Australia (PDF - 65KB)
16 Global Product Stewardship Council (PDF - 101KB)
17 Australian Industry (AI) Group (PDF - 1796KB)
18 Australian Mobile Telecommunications Association (PDF - 73KB)


Under the National Waste Policy: Less waste, more resources, the Australian Government agreed to develop and enact national legislation to support voluntary, co-regulatory and mandatory product stewardship and extended producer responsibility schemes. The Product Stewardship Act 2011 (the Act) came into effect on 8 August 2011 satisfying this commitment.

In the context of the Act, the accreditation of voluntary product stewardship occurs when self-selected organisations seek, and are granted, accreditation from the Australian Government for voluntary product stewardship activities. To implement the voluntary product stewardship provisions under the Act, a ministerial determination and regulations need to be developed. The ministerial determination will set out the requirements for accreditation. The regulations will specify the application fees for accreditation. The feedback from the public consultation process has assisted with finalising the model for accreditation and the drafting of these legislative instruments.

Consultation process

The consultation paper was released for public consultation on 28 February 2012 for a four week period, ending on 27 March 2012. Public meetings were held in Sydney, Canberra and Melbourne on 14-20 March 2012 to enable members of the public to hear more about the model and seek clarification on any issues. Bilateral discussions with stakeholder organisations were also conducted during the consultation period.

The objectives of the consultation process were to:

  • Gain feedback from stakeholders to ensure the model for voluntary product stewardship is effective and appropriate.
  • Ensure the Australian Government has a comprehensive understanding of potential impacts and implications associated with the proposed model.
  • Improve awareness among stakeholders of the proposed model, especially for those who will have an interest obtaining accreditation for an arrangement.

Download the consultation paper


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